Player Input

Exhibition of Artistic Game Installations

Player Input presents installations where the player becomes part of the exhibition. Visitors are welcome to step in, experiment and discover the works.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with renowned artists from different fields of the artistic video game space. Together we looked for ways to expand the play experience of their existing work with installations that make players part of the scenery.

Nina Freeman

American video game designer.

Quite curious, these four little rooms. Wonder what's inside? Take a seat... take Nina's seat. Wheter this seat is a cardboard box, packed to move, in Last Call or a cosy sofa for an awkward first date in We Met in May.

Four autobiographical games with unique ways to interact with key moments in Nina's life.

The games are presented as half-open, slightly elevatde spaces to invoke being a fly on the wall as you pass them.

We Met in May
how do you Do It
Last Call

Sokpop Collective

Sokpop is a Dutch collective creating 1 game a month, we made a six-game installation reflecting the playfulness and experimentation of their work.


Gregory Kogos

An Ukrainian experimental game designer living in Germany.
Rotoring - Gregory Kogos
Skeeper - Gregory Kogos

Robin Baumgarten

A Berlin-based interactive installation artist and experimental hardware game developer.
Wobble Garden - Robin Baumgarten
Line Wobbler - Robin Baumgarten


Play the games by Gregory Kogos and Robin Baumgarten in this whale-like wooden skeleton.

Interview with Robin Baumgarten

Bart Bonte

A splashy and modular setup for the six games in the colour puzzle series by Bart Bonte, a Belgian independent game designer.

Circle Formation
S Formation
Games: Red, Yellow & Black

Thomas Van Bouwel

Blurring reality and VR in this large scale installation for the minimalist Cubism, a deceptively simple puzzle game in VR where you assemble increasingly complex shapes out of colored blocks by Belgian VR Developer Thomas Van Bouwel.

Controllers Gameplay
Hands Gameplay

Devillé Arcade

Two brothers combining a passion for wooden design and video games. They created the scenography and built the installations for the Player Input exposition, here they present 2 of their own game installations.

Trippy Tiles
Trippy Tiles
Trippy Tiles installation
Teken installation



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Player Input
Player Input
Player Input
Player Input